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Health Informatics

Health Informatics
We apply a range of situation appropriate analytic tools and data mining techniques to identify relationships, patterns, and causality.

Data Modeling

  • Descriptive models provide an exploratory means to identify patters or relationships in data.
  • Association models determine what events occur together – “market basket analysis.”
  • Predictive models use two different types: classification and regression
  • Visualization model techniques capitalize on human pattern recognition capabilities and provide a means to explore large volumes of data.

Data Warehousing

We design and implement data warehousing solutions that allow for the efficient and secure storage of large amounts of healthcare data. This enables easy access to data for authorized users and supports data analytics, reporting, and decision- making processes.

Data Mining

We use advanced algorithms and statistical techniques to extract useful and previously unknown information from the stored data. We use this to identify patterns, trends, and relationships in healthcare data and support decision making processes.

Cloud Computing

We leverage emerging technologies in healthcare, to provide our clients with innovative solutions. We can develop predictive models that can identify high-risk patients.