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Health Research

Health Research
Our team of experts is focused on scientific and technical support for a variety of Government Clients. We aim to conduct qualitative, quantitative and applied research in order to create solutions customized to your needs.

Scientific Support

  • Focus areas: Public Health, Surveillance, Disease Mitigation, Injury Prevention, Military Medicine, and Bioinformatics
  • Creation of Standard Operational Procedures and streamlined laboratory methods
  • Product development pipeline: from basic science to applied research
  • Device and Technology development, testing and evaluation
  • Statistics

Programmatic Support

  • Planning and evaluation
  • Awards, contracts and grants management
  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies
  • Evidence-based practice guidelines and operational recommendations or standards
  • Scientific Writing
  • Identification of capability gaps
  • Strategic Communication

Technical Support

  • Coordination of response to public health emergencies
  • Surveillance
  • Development of cross-cutting and specialized programs
  • Design and implementation of tools to help find biomedical solutions
  • Information and data analysis
  • Training programs